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The Top 11 Items to Donate to Elderly Women in Senior care homes

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Here are the top gifts for residents in senior care homes to donate this year

For centuries, holidays have always symbolized generous giving and cheerfulness. It is the season when most people indulge in extensive research to find the perfect gift for friends and acquaintances. However, generous giving is not limited to just family and friends, it extends towards donating items to groups and communities that need extra care, love, and support. One of such communities is senior care homes for seniors; residents here require different gift items and donations now and then. You can donate senior supplies to senior care homes to help residents have a great time this Christmas; here are a few examples of gifts for seniors in senior care homes that you can donate to senior citizens:

Eleven Best Gifts for Elderly Women

1. Handwritten Cards: handwritten cards are not only exciting; they are rare and express thoughtfulness. They depict that the recipient is special. This Christmas, make it a responsibility to donate handmade cards to seniors as Christmas gifts for elderly. It will definitely help them smile and have a memorable holiday celebration. Specifically, handwritten cards are also a suitable item that can be donated as gifts for senior citizens in quarantine; it can bring them comfort and help them look forward to recovery.

2. Treat Bags: old or young, everyone likes gift bags. A treat bag can contain different gifts for elderly ladies; the gifts can range from portable body washes to small memo books to cookies nail polish and chocolates. You can buy these items in stores near you; put them in gift bags and send them, as Christmas gifts for seniors that are living in senior care homes. Treat bags are also a way for residents to enjoy and share the gifts with their neighbors; after all, Christmas is all about sharing. Items like sprays, cuticle sticks, and scrubs are particular gifts for senior women that you can put in the treat bag.

3. Non-Perishable Food Items: whether it is the holidays or not, food is an important item that seniors in senior care homes will always need. Non-perishable food items like tea bags, peanut butter, healthy snacks, granola bars, sports drinks, canned vegetables, and powdered milk are perfect gifts for elderly in senior care homes.

4. Socks: this item is always a suitable donation for elderly regardless of the season, especially socks with grippers because they can help prevent falls thereby reducing injuries. In addition to this, cozy socks have diverse health benefits that contribute to the wellness of seniors. These benefits include reduction of feet strain and improved regulation of body temperature. Socks are examples of the best gifts for senior women.

5. Towel/Sheets/Blankets: Another set of gifts that you can carry along to senior center donations are towels, sheets, and blankets. These items are never too much. Old people easily get cold even when indoors because they have a much slower circulation of blood and metabolism. These items are not only for body warming but they can also warm the hearts of seniors. Along with these items, you can also add shawls in donations for seniors, as they are cozy and will be beneficial especially to seniors who like to sit on the porch and admire the environment.

6. Craft Supplies: Paint and paint brushes, coloring books for adults, sewing kits, crochet yarns, washable markers, and other craft supplies are fantastic gift donation to old folks home. People in senior care homes mostly have a lot of free time. Craft materials can help seniors discover their creativity and help keep them busy. Several studies have indicated that engaging in art can aid the reduction of depression and anxiety in old folks. Craft items are uniquely credible gifts for homebound seniors as they can help improve cognitive function.

7. Santa Hats: Santa hats are easy to get and they are great for senior Christmas gift donations. These hats are a common way of celebrating Christmas and are fabulous for Christmas parties; it is rather inevitable for people to go without wearing Santa hats during Christmas. Most senior care homes for seniors have Christmas activities lined up for the season. During these activities, seniors wear Santa hats with other clothes to make their environment look festive and beautiful. Making Christmas donations for seniors towards these activities can go a long way in ensuring that residents have a fun-filled Christmas.

8. Hot Chocolate: studies have shown that hot chocolate can help increase blood circulation in elderly persons, thereby supporting a healthy brain and improved memory. This gift item is fantastic for senior citizens donations as it can help them hold on to the memories that are special to them. Although hot chocolate is not a cure for dementia, it can help improve the symptoms of memory loss in old folks. You can add a beautiful mug to make this gift more thoughtful.

9. Games and Puzzles: puzzle books, cards, scrabble sets, Jenga pieces, and jigsaw puzzles provide a sense of satisfaction upon completion and can inspire cooperation among residents. It can also help senior citizens exercise their minds and fingers. Some of these games and puzzles can be played individually to eliminate boredom. You can check for donations for seniors near me to donate different games and puzzles to seniors.

10. Wrapping Paper and Supplies: giving is not limited to the outside alone as people in senior care homes also enjoy sharing gifts with one another during special days like Christmas and birthdays. They pick up Christmas donations for seniors in their senior care homes, wrap them and gift them to each other. This is why they also need wrapping supplies. You can contribute gift tags, premade bows, transparent tape, and envelopes to senior center donations.

11. Adult Diapers and Wipes: adult diapers and wipes are also ideal items that you can donate to elderly homes. Many seniors are unable to afford these items; they are part of the critical needs of some elderly people especially those with dementia, incontinence, or are homebound. Adult diapers and wipes support senior citizens' comfort and preserve their dignity. These items are exceptionally thoughtful gifts for homebound seniors and would be greatly appreciated.

The holidays can be a lonely and upsetting period for old folks in senior care homes especially for those who are unable to celebrate with their loved ones due to one reason or another. With this in mind, endeavor to donate to senior homes this holiday. Picture frames and costume jewelry are other kinds of presents for an elderly woman. Be the Santa for seniors and help them have a cheerful holiday. Above are a few of the best gifts for elderly to donate to senior centers. If you are finding it difficult to find a home for seniors, you can easily search on the internet for senior center donations near me or donations for elderly near me and send your gifts there.

Would you like to volunteer to fulfill the Christmas wishes of a very special senior this holiday? If so, sign up to Adopt-A-Senior.

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My aunt is 78 years young she told she needed microwave is there anyone who wants to donate one to her it would be nice to give it to her tomorrow it's her birthday or give it to her on mother's day be nice too5/7/23 birthday on the 8thn


Yolanda Bias
Yolanda Bias

I'm looking to collect holiday gifts for my development 55& older seniors. I would love to be able to help make their holidays special 🥰

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