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How Holiday Gift Donations to Senior Citizens Can Make Huge a Difference

Our elderly once cared for us, now it is time to provide them with comfort and care. Each year, people feel more drawn to donate around the holiday season. If this sounds like you, consider donating to senior citizens this upcoming holiday season. The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones, eating warm home cooked meals, having an overwhelming sense of joy, and of course: giving. Many senior citizens struggle during the holiday season because of certain circumstances: they no longer live close to their family and traveling is not easy, their living situation is not their usual home, their friends and family may have since passed away, and many more reasons. If you are looking for reasons why you should donate holiday gifts to senior citizens, you are in the right place. We have rounded up 5 reasons why holiday gift donations to senior citizens can make a huge difference. Whether you are searching for ways to donate to the elderly local to where you live or you are looking for gift ideas for senior citizens, we are here to help. Read on to see how holiday gift donations to senior citizens can make a huge difference in their lives.

  1. Provide a Sense of Community

As senior citizens age, they can easily lose their sense of community. Many of their friends may have already passed away, they are no longer physically able to partake in events that they used to, and their family may not be local. By donating a holiday gift to a senior citizen, not only will you bring a smile to their face but you will also offer a sense of belonging. If you have the financial resources and time to spare, donate your holiday gifts and spend time with senior citizens this holiday season. Not only will this increase their holiday spirit, but it will go above and beyond to create that “friendship” feeling. A sense of community is important for elders as it reminds them that they are not forgotten nor alone. If you are looking for ways to make a difference for the elderly in your local community, try searching something along the lines of “senior center donations near me” or “holiday donations for elderly near me.”

2. Aging is Inevitable

Our elders have done their job; they have provided for their community, raised our current generation(s), worked to help our economy, and more. Now that the tables have turned, it is our turn to assist our senior citizens. Eventually, we will be in their shoes—imagine how you would like to feel and be treated if you were living their life this holiday season. By providing holiday gift donations for senior citizens, you have given back in a small way. Again, after all of the work they completed in their lifetime it is important to show our appreciation and do our job as a society to bring a merry and bright holiday season to their lives.

3. Improve Overall Health

A study published in 2019 by Harvard Medical School found that, “people who had higher levels of optimism had a longer life span. They also had a greater chance of living past age 85.” Improvements in happiness and mental health in our senior citizens can also play a role in their physical health. Your holiday gift donation could be something as small as a handmade Christmas card or as large as spending a full day with senior citizens and enjoying a home cooked holiday meal with them. Regardless, playing a role in our elders’ overall health is an important duty. 4. It’s the Reason for the Season

It may be common sense, but regardless of the time of the year, donating gifts to our elders is the right thing to do. Not only can it improve their health and happiness, but it should make YOU feel good, too. Whether you choose to donate Christmas gifts to seniors this year or you are opting to donate handmade cards to seniors in your area, we can all agree that our elders are the utmost deserving of a little extra holiday cheer this year. We encourage you to make a difference in the lives of the elderly year-round, not just during the holiday season. While the festive holiday season can be the most lonely time of the year for senior citizens, if you have the time and resources, why not help year-round? 5. Combat Elderly Isolation

According to a study done by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), “more than 40 percent of seniors regularly experience loneliness” and “loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26 percent.” While this statistic feels shockingly upsetting, it can also be your source of motivation or your “why.” As our elders age, their family and friends may move far away making it harder to visit. During the holiday season, when everyone is out and about celebrating, imagine spending your Christmas season alone. The thought itself brings sadness and holiday gift donations to senior citizens can combat feelings of isolation and depression.

During a joy-filled, festive holiday season, it is important we do not forget about our senior citizens. A small holiday gift donation to senior citizens can make a huge impact: you can help combat elderly isolation, improve their mental and physical health, and provide a sense of independence for the senior citizens in your community (and beyond.) There are so many simple ways to lend a hand to our elders: giving holiday gifts for our elderly, searching for the perfect gifts for seniors in assisted living homes, donating to senior centers, and crafting together homemade holiday cards for seniors. By honoring our senior citizens during these winter months, we are remembering the true reason for the holiday season.

So, do your part this holiday season and remember how holiday gift donations to senior citizens can make a huge difference: in their life and in yours.

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